Trump + Dr. Evil = Malignant Mojo

Apparently Dr. Evil is a Trump friend and associate. Mother Jones is covering the disturbing¬†counterintelligence issues with Donald Trump and Mar-a-Lago. The “President” has dismissed reports of a woman, claiming to be at his club to use the pool, later taken into custody at Mar-a-Lago, under odd circumstances to say the least. In the woman’s possession, were several cell phones, a laptop, and a thumb-drive containing malware, (by the way malware is not a swimsuit). Yet another significant security issue for Trump. Also, Trump is “connected” with the former owner of an illicit “massage spa” in which a sex trafficking ring was uncovered, resulting in several arrests – one of the arrests – Patriots owner, Robert Kraft, a Trump friend and supporter. Birds of a feather flock together.

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