Trump and The My Pillow Guy Pushing Unproven Oleandrin as COVID-19 Cure

It seems Donald Trump likes magic in the form of potions, and the magical way in which COVID-19, will “just disappear” magically, according to Donald Trump, amateur magician, and medical consultant, who is pushing a new potion, oleandrin, which is found in the toxic plant, oleander. Donald is vigorously vying to have oleandrin approved by the FDA, as a cure for COVID-19. Apparently, Donald, Ben Carson, and the My Pillow Guy, held a very important high level medical meeting, and decided oleandrin would make people feel good, kind of like resting upon a freshly fluffed down pillow. Donald has thus far touted hydroxychloroquine, bleach, household disinfectant, and now a toxic extract oleandrin, for COVID-19. Watch out folks, the next COVID-19 cure may involve swimming in a magical pool at a Trump Resort. Turns out Donald not only likes talking about witch hunts, he likes witchcraft, and magic as well. Individual 1, aka Donald Trump, is not the guy to trust with our health and well being.

Approximately 171,000 people have died from COVID-19 in America. No amount of magic will bring their souls back.

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