Person, Michelle Obama, Man, Camera, TV

Remember when Donald Trump talked about how he aced a cognitive test? Apparently he even scored extra credit points. His big brain is busy making big decisions, moving portraits of American Presidents around the White House, and being the spokesperson for beans. He has a full plate – of beans, paired with authoritarian ambition, drizzled with cognitive acclaim, and garnished with greed, and a side of gluttony. In the midst of a pandemic, there’s little comfort in knowing Donald is able to repeat a series of words. Person, woman, man, camera, TV – are the words Donald boasted about reciting in order.¬†Donald should now try to recite: Person, Michelle Obama, man, camera, TV, because he will never overshadow the truth of his profound failures as a President, decisively¬†delivered to America, by Michelle Obama, one incredible Black woman.


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