The Robes are Off

Hacking. Hubris. Hate.

Donald left the backdoor open for Russian hackers, and the front door open for hate.

We are witnessing a continued coordinated attack against Black people on all fronts: our family, finances, faith, flow, and freedom. Whether we are jogging, worshiping, sleeping in our bed, listening to music, running for office, voting, organizing, laughing, driving, speaking, walking home, or simply trying to breathe, Black people are under attack.

White nationalists were told to, “Stand back and stand by,” they are following orders. Donald is telegraphing a racist, “at the ready” command to his troops, the gloves have been off and now, the robes are off too. He will not castigate white nationalists, because to do so would be to castigate himself. The talk of militias and martial law should not to be dismissed as a small group of white guys frustrated because they aren’t getting laid, or simply as a myopic MAGA mindset. We should be aware, and act responsibly. Lafayette Park was a painful dry run for executing future power grabs.

Donald has already seized the souls and sanity of the Republican Party, it comes as no surprise that he is attempting to seize the Presidency too. We are the United States of America. The key word is, united. We must be united in what we, Americans, stand for, and be clear that racism does not stand for US. The actions of Ally’s in America must be heard and felt over that of any aryan aggression. In this moment, deeds overshadow dialogue. Discussion is necessary however, we need to see what Americans actually do. Regardless of our hue we are connected in our humanity.

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Tami Warren is the writer and creator of Namaste Negro. She lives life with daily doses of humor in Denver, Colorado. Tami earned a B.A. in Sociology, from the University of Colorado. Tami keeps it high, in the Mile High City. Humor is healthy, so cachinnate. Compassion and comedy are not required, but they are extremely helpful. We are all connected on this planet. So, we may as well greet each other and say, Namaste. Hate is heavy, be light.

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