“Stand By,” says Trump

Leaving no American pillar of democracy free from his hate and havoc, Donald Trump set out to discredit the American Presidential debate, by pissing on the democratic process – again. The Trump debate disgrace aired live, and without commercial interruption from Cleveland, Ohio, with babysitter moderator, Chris Wallace, at the helm of the Trump presidential Ponzi scheme.

It was a constitutional cluster fuck.

Instead of standing behind a podium, Trump should have been in a wrestling ring throwing a chair, or at a Klan rally where lies and racism are welcomed. Alas, Trump was at none of these locales, he was on a stage in Cleveland, degrading America, the presidency, and democracy. Ah, imagine what the rest of the world thinks of America – first.

Those on stage were tested for COVID-19, but clearly no one tested for affluenza. The pre-school teacher moderator, Chris Wallace, made statements to try and calm Trump’s anger prior to asking him a question by saying statements like, “Oh, you’ll like this question Mr. President.” The affable acrobatics performed, to placate and appease Trump’s fragility, demonstrated yet another example of how impotent Republicans are when attempting to hold Trump accountable – they can’t harden their resolve, nor get up the courage to stop him.

It was embarrassing.

When asked if he would denounce white supremacy, particularly white supremacist groups, Trump refused to denounce white supremacy – again. Trump instead opted to say to white supremacist, “Stand back and stand by.” The President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, told a white supremacist group to, “stand by.” When you see something, say something. Okay: Trump is a racist, driving dangerous division. Karma is converging upon Trump, the consequences of his actions have chained him to a convent of criminality. Let’s ensure his desire to take America down with him, does not happen. Vote.

The Washington Post on YouTube | 9.29.20


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