Journalists Are Essential Workers.

America requires journalism, our democracy depends on it. Each day, journalists around the globe report the truth. Whether it’s reporters at The New York Times, connecting the financial dots unfortunately ignored in the Mueller Report, by confirming the open secret that Donald Trump is indeed a financial fraud; The Hollywood Reporter, informing on the eagerly anticipated Borat sequel, expected in October on Amazon Prime, or reporters at The Charlotte Observer, investigating why ballots from Black voters are being targeted, and their votes rejected. Reporters go to work, often at risk to their personal safety, to report the truth. America requires rigorous truth.

Where would we be without journalists – essential, diligent workers dispensing the truth? Who would we depend on for checks and balances? When will we collectively demand protection for journalists from threat and retribution? What will stop Donald Trump from destroying the free press? Why are attacks on reporters being normalized?

Journalists are essential workers.

es·sen·tial/əˈsen(t)SHəl/ adjective: absolutely necessary; extremely important; noun: a thing that is absolutely necessary, the fundamental elements or characteristics of something.

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