Someone Needs to Tell Republicans, Traumatic Injury Requires Urgent Action

Republicans are pushing a new marketing campaign called “healing” in the face of insurrection at the nation’s capitol. Apparently Republicans have read the room inside Donald’s rectum, where most of the Party has resided the past 4 years, and in their infinite wisdom have decided there’s no need to further anger Donald and his MAGA mob of violent seditionists with legality, or constitutional consequences, like impeachment and conviction. Instead, Republicans have repackaged the Susan Collins theory that, “The President has learned his lesson,” so there’s no need to convict him. Next Republicans may start echoing Susan’s delusional belief that it was the Iranians who attacked the capitol instead of Trump supporters.

Remaining fearful of a wrathful Donald, and the lethal mob their Party empowered, Republicans feel it’s time to simply “heal” and move beyond ‘Wild Wednesday’ because there’s just not time to hold Donald accountable. It’s time, Republicans say, to put this behind us and heal.

If Republicans are unwilling to administer the time sensitive, critical care required in this moment of constitutional consequence, then they need to resign now. Find another line of work – honorable service to the American people is simply not for them. If they have a law degree, perhaps Donald may have openings on his legal staff for the crush of criminal investigations he is facing. Have a medical background? Rudy Giuliani maybe looking for someone to “heal” the goo leaking from his face.

America experienced traumatic injury at the capitol. Democracy still remains under attack. Traumatic injuries don’t just “heal” traumatic injury requires immediate medical attention before healing may begin. Time alone does not automatically heal all wounds. America’s traumatic insurrection injury requires urgent action.

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