So, there is a “White Privilege” card

Armed Trump supporters attempted to bomb the Democratic Party Headquarters in California to “start a movement.” The Trump supporters were arrested with bombs, guns, and a white privilege card. Yes, a white Trump supporter had a “white privilege” card.

Black people have been saying this forever…there is a white supremacy problem in America. Don’t ignore it, it will only get worse. Those who believe in white supremacy would rather destroy America than see our nation prosper with equality.

Trump is advancing two interconnected big lies: white supremacy, and that he won the election. Both are lies. White people are not a supreme race, white people are not inherently superior, nor are white people endowed with special superiority to dominate and control. And, Trump lost the election. Trump did not win. There was no widespread, deep state, bamboo paper conspiracy. Trump lost.

We’ve been inundated with Trump’s advancement of racism, support of white supremacy groups, his statements praising Hitler, and adoration of autocrats. None of this is normal and cannot be dismissed.

Talk about projection…white people have complained and cried about Black people playing the “race card” when all this time they were the ones with the race card. Shocking.

One can only imagine what’s in the disclosure pages of the White Privilege Card…

The White Privilege Card

You can always leave home without it, because you’re white. Remember, membership has its privilege – white privilege.

No annual fee.

100% APR (APR stands for Aryan People Rule).

No foreign transaction fees, because we don’t allow foreigners.

Accepted everywhere racism is tolerated and/or taught, and even places where it’s not.

Earn bonus cash back with every insurrection you participate in.

Join your local school board and receive perks for every piece of “black” history you get removed from the curriculum.

Receive rate discounts at select Trump Hotels and Resorts.

As a card member you will always receive the benefit of the doubt. Always. No matter the situation.

Exercise agency over anyone who’s not white anytime you want.

Need a scapegoat? Just blame anyone. Please note, Black women are preferable to blame.

Automatically get higher property values, a better education, jobs, promotions, and of course higher salaries.

No education, no problem, remember you’re white so ignorance really is bliss.

The White Privilege Card is not FDIC insured because you can’t trust federal agencies, they’re controlled by microchips.

You’re white, therefore you deserve the best, because you are the best. Be best. Get your White Privilege Card today – no need to apply, your lack of pigment is your passport to privilege.

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