Reading with Rudy

Looking to expand his resume after gigs on Lying for Donald and Dancing With the Stars, Rudy is throwing his wig in the ring with drag…no word yet on his ability to tuck. Word on the street is, Rudy’s drag name will be, Kulturkampf, reflecting his love for education, culture and war.

Donald Trump’s pay-per-view presidential library will feature Rudy reading with kids, the plan is to call it the Kulturkampf Kids Korner, or KKK, as it’s affectionately referred to, with educational lessons on how truth isn’t truth.

Florida will host Rudy’s first KKK session. Governor DeSantis is said to be pleased, noting we are beating the Dems at their own game. In Florida parents have a right to choose the gun toting, straight, Republican, white, Christian, anti democratic, fact denying, drag queen reading to their kids. DeSantis bragged that when whitewashing America’s history, Republicans are the best.

The question is, can Rudy dip?

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