Putin’s Puppet has a Pandemic Problem

Putin’s puppet, President Trump, is pathetic in his response to the pandemic, while the “strings” that control him are pulled, Trump has only added confusion to a serious situation. Perhaps we should double check the supplies Russia delivered to America for spy devices, and proper functionality. If there is anyone with a goal of seeing America plunged into desperate chaos, with no clear directive, it’s Putin. President Trump was aware that a pandemic could impact America. Trump’s predecessor even left a pandemic playbook, which of course, Trump dismissed, along with an entire department established to prepare, and organize in the event of a pandemic.

Trump has blamed everyone: doctors, nurses, hospital workers, Obama, journalists, Democrats, science, Governors, Mayors, General Motors, 3M, and even kung fu. Trump has placed blame just about everywhere, except with himself, or his “people” at the White House, who remain woefully ill prepared, as they struggle to catch up, in a situation which they helped create by not planning, preparing, or paying attention to warnings, research, or reports.

Will Putin’s puppet continue to escape accountability in the face of glaring inaction and incompetence? It looks that way. Apparently holding Trump accountable for his actions, or in this case, inaction, is tantamount to heresy, as it’s viewed as, “pointing the finger” which we are not allowed to do with Trump, during a serious time, made astoundingly worse, by his lack of leadership, and humanity. When you speak out, against Trump, you get fired, discredited, or taken to an undisclosed location, where you may be held indefinitely without trial. Perhaps this is the “Trump Time” referenced in the coronavirus briefings.

It is time to point the finger directly at Trump, and demand accountability. There is no “bottom” for this President, or his administration. Lives are on the line.

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