Putin tells Donald, Thank you for your service

Russian cyberattacks invaded multiple US federal agencies, while Donald continues to deny Putin’s aggression against America. Donald follows a, “Bros before American foes,” philosophy.

Donald has zero fucks to give about America. He is burning down democracy, and Republicans are willing agents in fanning his carcinogenic flames of fascism. It is not just their fear of Donald that drives Republicans to disavow democracy, it is their deep-seated fraternal belief in white superiority, their belief in an American “order” in which white Americans are at the top – superior to all “others.” Donald unleashed their “polite” politics of prejudice as a ramrod of racism piercing the nation. Previously, Republicans were more stealth in advancing their support of white superiority, utilizing code words and policy. However, thanks to Donald, Republicans have no need for stealthy actions, Donald has made forceable suppression of opposition to racism, a cornerstone of his “law and order” doctrine.

Putin’s propaganda Facebook “bot” campaign targeting Black people, demonizing Black Lives Matter, and exasperating racial divides among Americans, were welcomed by his autocratic protege, Donald. Putin’s racism is a love letter that has Donald smitten like a Kiev kitten, Vladimir had him at, “привет.” What damage will be caused by Russian cyberattacks, curiously coming to light after Donald fired the guy in charge of CISA, who ensured the most secure election ever, appears pretty substantial.

Word on the street is, Putin has thanked Donald for his service saying, Comrade you have served well and you will continue to be a bright star. I look forward to watching you dismantle American democracy from within. Donald was uncharacteristically emotional, as he teared up while hugging the soccer ball Vladimir gave him in Helsinki whispering, I’ll always be your Moscow mule Vladimir, always.

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