Putin is Pleased.

When you think of who would be pleased to see the United States of America in a constant state of anxiety, filled with turmoil, with racial divides exploited, with murderous attacks of white supremacy, with a President, who regularly telegraphs racist language, racist sentiments, and refers to himself as a nationalist; the person pleased to see this, is Putin. The unraveling of American ideals, Western democracy, and NATO has long been Putin’s dream. The Putin Plan is working, his bots pushing fear, racism, and lies have been successful. Trump is deconstructing Democracy, with continual attacks on journalism, the FBI, CIA, the judiciary, and criminalizing dissent, while normalizing bigotry and defiance of the law. Trump shares Putin’s assertion, that Russian interference in America’s election, was a hoax. No hoax, Russian election interference did occur, “in sweeping and systematic fashion,” 50 states were infiltrated by Russians, with the intention of electing Trump. Let us not forget the Helsinki Summit. Yes, Putin is pleased to see America no longer a truly respected world leader with our allies, and engaging in trade wars with China, Canada, and Mexico. Pleased with the rise of authoritarian leaders across the globe, pleased with Brexit and with US sanctions on Russia and oligarchs, being lifted. Putin is pleased to see the Republican Party, led by Moscow Mitch, not secure future elections, and pleased the Republican Party is protecting his investment, Donald Trump. After all, Putin is not a passive investor, he demands tangible returns, seems like Putin prisons, persuades, or poisons, those who defy him. So, if I fall ill, disappear, or face public shame, you’ll know what really happened. Putin is pleased with the current state of affairs in America, very pleased indeed. It looks like the Russian investment in Trump, the Republican Party Platform, and the NRA, is paying off for Russia, just not for America. Meanwhile, the new shiny object of distraction, FaceApp (by the way, the developer company is based in St. Petersburg, with faces viewed and processed in Russia), is all the rage, as people are excited to download the app, to see what they will look like in 20 years. Sure, it’s probably safe, nothing is more trustworthy than a Russian based software developer. But, how about focusing on what the planet will look like in 20 years. Remember, Earth? Loss of bone density, and wrinkles, pales by comparison to loss of clean water sources, food scarcity, severe weather and disease. If humans continue to abdicate stewardship of Earth, we literally will not have a place to live, making it difficult to get a cell signal in order to download a new app or tweet.

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