Barack Obama Brewed Beer at the White House, Fingers Crossed Michelle Obama Cultivated Cannabis in the Garden

During President Barack Obama’s eight year term, as President of the United States of America, he achieved remarkable firsts, which included being the first President to brew beer at the White House. According to Smithsonian’s Sidedoor podcast, the blessed event took place in 2011, when a honey brown ale was crafted from honey, growing in the White House garden. Now, is the time for a cannabis comeback on a presidential lawn. With the majority of America, firmly in favor of legalizing the herb, our next President, must immediately cultivate cannabis in the White House garden. After the current occupant is removed, the property will undoubtedly require a rigorous laving, and saging, to deterge the toxic energy, that has been allowed to permeate the People’s House. Once all the tanning beds are hauled away, there will be ample room for hydroponic equipment in the White House, as well as office space, for a horticulture specialist, to ensure only the best buds are cultivated. Yes we can, make hops and hemp, coexist at the White House.

Our Forever First Lady, Michelle Obama, filled us all with pride, and the White House garden, with leafy greens and organic herbs, it would have been wonderful, if cannabis could have been grown open and free, like rainbow chard and basil. After all, if the White House can have, honey brown ale, it is only fair to also have, green goddess grass. Alas, as every gardener knows, timing, and in this case, the actual color of the gardener, are paramount. Thankfully, the American people have progressed, welcoming, CBD oil, hemp, and cannabis, as natural parts of society. Marijuana legalization continues to expand, creating a legitimate prosperous industry, generating the kind of green, banks can’t keep ignoring. Therefore, America’s future President, and First Gentleman, need to start researching botany and bud now. Americans will not only expect the honey brown ale to continue brewing, we will demand a green thumb, with cannabis in the People’s garden.

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