Putin is getting high on his on supply of propaganda

Propaganda is Putin’s drug of choice, the poisonous persuasion of fatal fantasies he uses to manipulate and mainstream his lies. Putin injects lies into communities to create chaos, confusion, and to cover for his actions. Putin’s propaganda on the unprovoked war he started in Ukraine is farcical, especially alongside the actual factual visuals of Russian troops terrorizing people. Putin is getting high on his own supply of propaganda.

Putin’s Russian troops are killing civilians while they wait for bread, attacking hospitals, neighborhoods, shelters, and holding innocent people hostage. Kyiv Mayor, Vitali Klitschko called bullshit…and he is correct, Putin is targeting civilians. The world cannot allow one man to dictate directions for deescalation – to define his own off ramp to exit.

Being welcomed with flowers was just one piece of Putin propaganda. Russian troops were not welcomed by the Ukrainian people with flowers. Although, there was a brave lady who offered Russian soldiers sunflower seeds so when they died, sunflowers would grow. Even Russians aren’t buying Putin’s propaganda as thousands were arrested for protesting his war. At this point, Putin’s propaganda is believed by Putin…along with Tulsi and Tucker.

Putin is projecting, complaining, and lying about Russia being bullied and cancelled. Sound familiar? Putin, is angry about being cancelled. Someone needs to tell the war criminal it’s called consequences. And it seems this time, Putin will be held accountable, not only by the world, but ultimately by Russians.

Watch out for Putin’s: “Say hello to my little friend,” Scarface moment surrounded by television screens and piles of pure propaganda. Alas, even Tony Montana refused to kill kids, although he did kill his trusted friend Manny – watch out oligarchs, Putin will take his propaganda pushing, yacht loving comrades down with him.

The street value of Putin’s propaganda isn’t worth a ruble.

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