Judging Jackson

Here we go…confirmation hearings are underway with Ketanji Brown Jackson facing smiles, smirks, and shady agendas via members of the Senate, with the grace and ease of someone who has faced a confirmation hearing, or three, before. Ketanji Brown Jackson continued to chip away at the tainted and stained glass ceiling, which has intentionally kept Black women off the highest court in America.

The Hart Senate Office Building was the place recording history, serving as the welcoming arena for Ketanji Brown Jackson and her family, although based upon the statements presented by certain Senators, the rest of the week will not be very welcoming. From white worries about their “parental rights” being violated by teachers teaching facts, to the fragile outrage about white privilege – the confirmation of Ketanji Brown Jackson will be one for the history books – even if the books are burned or banned.

Although Ketanji Brown Jackson is qualified and deserving to serve on the Supreme Court, it seems some Republicans have set the stage for their very own daytime drama, one in which they star and act as protagonist. Stay tuned.

“I hope that you will see how much I love our country and the Constitution, and the rights that make us free.” Ketanji Brown Jackson

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