Putin Detains Brittney Griner

Putin, the murdering menace to humanity, who regularly jacks up Russian athletes with illegal sports enhancing drugs, detained WNBA Phoenix Mercury All-Star center, Brittney Griner.

Brittney Griner was reportedly arrested in Russia approximately three weeks ago, accused of having, “vape cartridges” with “hash oil” on them, in her luggage by Russian authorities. Given the unprovoked war Putin is waging in Ukraine, his opposition to equal rights for LGBTQ people, his overt racist actions, and his loathing of Black women, the serious concern for Brittney Griner’s safety cannot be overstated.

No need for chants of, “Lock her up,” in Russia, because Putin actually does imprison and arrest anyone he wants. From kids to kick ass professional athletes, Putin’s prerogative is to punish, poison, and imprison any person he picks. In all likelihood, Putin targeted Brittney Griner for personal political leverage. His American Express Black card was revoked, so perhaps now he is attempting to cash in on an American Black woman.

The Putin regime has released no specific information on Brittney Griner’s condition or where exactly she is being held in Russia. The 31 year-old, two-time gold metal winning US National Basketball player, was in Russia to play basketball during the off season. It is not unusual for WNBA players to play in other countries where they are often paid more. Pay equity please.

Putin’s detainment of Brittney Griner is more than worrisome, it’s terrifying, especially due to the fact-free frenzy of fascism fueling Putin’s rage – she represents what he resents, freedom. For fuck’s sake, Putin doesn’t think Ukraine lives matter, so he sure as hell won’t think a Black life will matter.

Justice for Black women is damn near impossible in the American judicial system, in Putin’s Russia, it’s non-existent. Admittedly, I’m not fluent in hashtag or tags, however, it seems that hashtag free Britney, now has a new Brittney, and she’s being held against her will somewhere in Putin’s Russia.

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