Press the ‘save’ button in the knockout round for Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris was fighting the good fight for The People in the 2020 Presidential election. The Democratic field is full, and a dwindling of candidates is inevitable, yet it stings to see Kamala Harris exit the Presidential race. The next Democratic debate retrogresses to an all white program, just like an older, wealthier, cast of Friends, only this time, one of the “friends” actually has a Black friend, whom he talks about all the time. But, who can blame him, his Black friend is awesome. Seeing that the nation has a “reality show President” where ratings out weighs righteousness, and casting is valued more than the Constitution, let’s press the save or steal button, just like judges do on, The Voice, because we need the voice of Kamala Harris fighting for The People and The Republic.

Kamala Harris’ path to the Presidency may not be clear, however, her path to serving The People is wide open, she possess a prodigious prosecutorial penchant for the law, particularly the US Constitution. Perhaps Kamala Harris will not be the first Black Woman President, this election. Be that as it may, Supreme Court Justice, Kamala Harris, is a future path worthy of pursuit. Keep your eyes on the prize Kamala.

Kamala Harris demonstrates what fighting for justice looks like.

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