Playing Doctor

It appears Donald Trump is not the only person playing the role of doctor in a television series. Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil have made surprisingly irresponsible statements about the coronavirus, by pushing the opening of schools amid the pandemic, as well as claiming, deaths from swimming pools is somehow worse. How’s that working for them? It’s not. Aside from the land of Fox News fabrication, the majority of people understand, the coronavirus is serious, deserving a high level of importance, even from television doctors.¬†We are respectful of the work, and sacrifice every member of the medical community makes everyday. Working to save lives, provide care, develop treatments, and future vaccines, is vital. Now is no time for role playing on television. Doctors are not only protecting the public from the coronavirus, doctors also need to protect the public from President Trump, as the asymptomatic spread of Trump’s random fact-free thoughts, broadcast from the White House, is harmful to human health.

Do no harm, is what doctors honor. Well, at least most doctors. It is becoming increasing difficult to trust, those whom stand with the President, at White House briefings, when they literally hear¬†incorrect, and dangerous statements, made by President Trump, like inject bleach or disinfectant into the human body to combat the coronavirus. Trust is lost when doctors just sit there, say nothing, and allow Trump to inject life threatening lies, from the Presidential podium, into the world. Silence saves no one. At a time when disinformation will literally cost lives, every medical professional must find the courage to publicly stand up to Trump. Contrary to Trump’s claim, he is not sarcastic, he is scary. Statements made at a White House briefing, on a pandemic, from the President of the United States of America, carries impact. Doctors must speak out, and stop allowing Trump to control them like puppets for the benefit his personal, and political interests. We get it, scientists, doctors, and medical professionals, whom “work with” Donald Trump, may find themselves in a difficult spot. Essentially, they are in a situation of either supporting Trump, or supporting science. White House doctors must confront President Trump, not comfort him. Leave the task of comforting this President to Shark Week, and Big Macs. Comforting Trump will inevitably cost doctors their credibility, more importantly, it will cost lives.

The U.S. death toll is currently at 50,000. These are human beings. Every number is a soul.

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