Live free or Flowbee

It’s clear, some folks value liquidity over lives. Coronavirus is a public health issue, impacting everyone on the planet. Decisions must be made based upon what is best for our health. Yet, we are seeing decisions made based on what is best for economic gain, with a push to open businesses, instead of opening more testing centers, or healthcare enrollment. Apparently haircuts are essential – a top priority to Georgia Governor Kemp, who is re-opening hair salons for business. Come on folks, a haircut is not worth your life. If you can, try theĀ Flowbee instead. Obviously, the Flowbee is not for every hair type, spoiler alert, Black folks don’t use it, but maybe it’s right for you. A few people are taking the motto, “Live free or die,” too far. Y’all are treading on all of us with an ignorant rush to re-open. So, instead adopt a new motto, “Live free or Flowbee.” It just may save a life. Like your Fearless Leader says, what have you got to lose?

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