Plausible Stupidity

Trump denies he was briefed on the US Intelligence reporting, that the Russian government placed a bounty on US Troops in Afganistan. Curious how Putin keeps popping up with Trump. No reasonable person would believe Trump was not briefed on what is revealing itself to be a shocking intel report. Trump’s go to when averting accountability is to immediately blame Obama, blame the media, blame Democrats, and to blame anyone who doesn’t like him. Normally, a story about an American President who looked the other way, in the face of a reported Russian bounty on American troops would be Earth shattering. Alas, we are not in normal times, we are living under the racist rule of President Bone Spurs, who is finding it harder to hide behind his Generals, while using American troops, to camouflage his corruption. Whether this is a case of plausible deniability, or plausible stupidity, Trump’s DNA of deny, and distract, is played – just like Trump is being played by Putin. Trump is Putin’s useful idiot, American democracy has no use for Trump at all.

Trump, the gift that keeps on giving – to Putin.

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