Doctors Without Borders Dispatched To Immokalee, Florida

Doctors Without Borders provides humanitarian relief around the globe to people in dire medical need. The organization helps those in areas without essential resources by providing vital medical care. Doctors Without Borders, came to Immokalee, Florida, as overwhelmed state health officials were not able to provide all the needed COVID-19 medical provisions to the people of Immokalee. The non-profit organization was contacted to help with the growing number of COVID-19 cases, which is devastating a vulnerable population, migrant farmers. No word yet on when Donald Trump will erect a beautiful wall around, Doctors Without Borders, and begin the process of separating health care providers, from their respective PPE, then sending the PPE back to where it came from. As Donald Trump continues to fail at responsibility handling this pandemic, does not wear a mask in public, and pushes falsehoods over life saving facts, we may soon see the need for Doctors Without Borders to be dispatched to additional towns throughout America. Under Trump’s leadership, America is number one – #1 in COVID-19 cases, and COVID-19 deaths. Please wear a mask in public, this is not about politics, it’s about public health. Perhaps a judge will order Trump to wear a mask, just like a judge did in Brazil to its President. No one is above the law, or above COVID-19.

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