Pay Attention, Republicans Are Suing to Erode Coverage for Pre-Existing Conditions

Don’t fall for the Tweets, Republicans, led by Donald, are literally suing to end The Affordable Care Act, or as Donald refers to it, Kenya Kare by Barack Obama. In keeping with Donald’s record for misrepresentation, untrue, false, and invented statements, otherwise known as lies, Donald has stated, he is protecting pre-existing conditions, this is not true. Donald, and his GOP comrades, are instead suing (Texas v. The United States of America) to end affordable healthcare. Like James Baldwin said, “I can’t believe what you say, because I see what you do.” Pay close attention to what Donald is actually doing regarding healthcare – he is eliminating health coverage for Americans. Being a woman, is a pre-existing condition in the old boys club, resulting in health related elements for women, not being covered. The powers that be, are willing to cover Viagra, but have objections to covering birth control for women. Everyone has a right to the same health care coverage their elected representatives enjoy. One person, one vote. Electoral dysfunction trumps erectile dysfunction, most Americans want access to an affordable national health plan, because most Americans are women. Solid health care for our families, out weighs Donald’s ineffective litigious impotence. We cannot allow America’s healthcare to go limp, like the Republican Senate. Time to elect a woman. The Oval office won’t be enervated from estrogen exposure.


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