“Over 3 billion combinations, but just 1 solution.”

Armed with inherent white insulation, inherited wealth, ego driven enablers, a lifetime of evading accountability, and a powerful accomplice, in the U.S. Attorney General, Trump is openly defecating on the Presidency and lawful Congressional subpoenas. This is not normal. This is not democracy. Not unlike the 3-D puzzle created in 1974, by Hungarian sculptor, Erno Rubik, the criminal actions of Trump, seemingly have a billion combinations, yet one solution. Crimes of the Donald may appear flat to the public eye, however, the multiple dimensions to his criminal enterprise, create convenient complexities benefiting the Donald. There are a plethora of crimes, Trump has “allegedly” committed, which include, cheating with charity, payoffs to porn stars, self-enrichment, real estate malfeasance, inauguration finance misuse, the Trump University racket, tax con, comb-over exploitation, and self-tanning abuse, just to name a few.

The solution, 3D justice, enforce legal attack from every dimension; depth, width and height, exposing Trump’s crimes, and holding Trump accountable to the rule of law. Depth: begin an impeachment inquiry, which will offer the depth of information the American public needs. Width: get the wide screen TV’s ready for televised Congressional hearings of all those subpoenaed to testify. Height: hold Donald Trump and all accomplices whom have broken the law, and violated the U.S. Constitution, accountable, proving no one is so high, as to evade the law.

Otherwise, bring forth Isaiah Bradley, to keep Trump’s goons in line, while the Justice League, steps up to ensure the U.S. Constitution is preserved, protected and defended. Like Trump, Isaiah is from Queens, and after allegedly suffering forced mental deterioration, his mental capacity is the same as the Donald. Thankfully, Isaiah had a son, Josiah X. Word on the street is, Josiah lives off the grid, fleeing religious influence in favor of science, and is working in collaboration with an advanced extraterrestrial life form to enhance his super human abilities.

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