Missouri Forces Mandatory Vaginal Exams

Missouri, the Show-Me State, is demanding women not only show doctors their vaginas, but endure unwarranted vaginal exams.

Rachel Maddow has exclusively reported, the state of Missouri, is not only banning abortion, the state is forcing women to endure unjustified state sanctioned vaginal exams. Women seeking health care, regarding their personal reproductive health, are being forced to have gratuitous vaginal exams, mandated by Republicans, currently controlling governmental power. Forcing women to undergo completely unmerited vaginal exams is revolting. This is an effort to humiliate, intimidate and shame women, who have the audacity to make decisions about their personal health care needs. Women’s reproductive health care rights are human rights. What is taking place in Missouri is not surreal, it is real, this is happening. Rachel Maddow will continue reporting on this horrific reality for women in Missouri. Stay tuned to TRMS.

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