Once again, a white man is trying to silence a Black woman

Georgia is on our minds. Atlanta Mayor, Keisha Lance Bottoms, is being sued by, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, proving once again, Black women may no longer be on the plantation, yet we are still being treated like a commodity to control, and constrain. Remember Kemp? He’s the guy who ran for office against Stacey Abrams, while at the same time controlling the election process, while at the same time suppressing the Black vote. Nothing has changed with Kemp keeping in lock step with his fellow clan member, Donald Trump – he is still attacking Black women, science, simultaneously endangering public health, while continuing to make a mockery of election security. Apparently rubles, and Robert E. Lee are valued in the land of Dixie. Not only has the Governor of Georgia engaged an irrational lawsuit, Kemp is pushing a gag order against Keisha Lance Bottoms. Gerrymandering, golfing, and gag orders, oh my, Republicans sure are some very busy guys.

Black people are dying at higher rates of COVID-19, with health, and wealth disparities in full view, as the pandemic exposes the life, and death impact systematic racism has on Black people. Perhaps the refusal of the Grand Old Party to accept science in the midst of a pandemic, may have a little something to do with the fact that neither Trump, nor Kemp, think that our Black lives matter. Kemp doesn’t know the difference between a mask, and a muzzle, as his little re-dick-clueless lawsuit is meant to control, confuse, and puzzle. This is no time for puerile politics from the Republican Party, it’s time to wear a mask, listen to scientists, and enact a real science based plan. The good ole’ boys clan of corrupt cowards, has issues with Black women who give orders, instead of taking them. In the calculated Caucasian caste system, Black women continue to break free from the simplistic caricature of assigned categories, where we have been boxed into being servant, senile, sexed, or silly – not in a space of being full whole, people. Yet, it is the historic hateful rush to hush Black women that we still fight. Shh.

Mandate masks.

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