Armed Camouflaged Forces in Unmarked Cars, occupy Portland, beat Black Lives Matter Protestors

In a desire to dominate American citizens, and cities, the current occupant of the Oval Office, Donald Trump, dispatched armed camouflaged forces to Portland, Oregon, where Black Lives Matter protestors have been beaten, tear gassed, dragged off the streets, and forced into unmarked vehicles.

This is not normal. This is not American. This is not Democratic.

Against the requests, demands, and legal pursuits of local authorities, Donald Trump has kept heavily armed camouflaged forces in Portland, stating that he will send more forces to Chicago, Oakland, and New York.

It is not out of bounds to think Donald Trump would not start sending these heavily armed camouflaged forces to the homes of American citizens. Taking people away in unmarked vehicles in the dead of night for any reason. Perhaps Donald doesn’t like what you’ve written about him, said about him, or you are in the way of his re-election campaign.

Autocracy is at hand. It is not alarmist. It is awareness.

What we are witnessing in Portland, Oregon USA, is the debut of Donald Trump’s autocratic army. The unidentifiable army are Americans (we think) yet, they are not putting their arms down, they are not refusing to attack their fellow citizens, they are not refusing to beat their fellow citizens, they are fulfilling a role in Donald Trump’s autocratic agenda.

Portland is only the start. Any city, and anyone could be next. Do not forget, it was the murder of Goerge Floyd, which sparked this global paradigm shift on racial justice we are in right now. Trump’s chaos has a purpose: power.

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