Moscow Mitch and Putin’s Bottom Bitch, Stone Mountain is the Place for Your Party’s Convention

Moscow Mitch, aka, Mitch McConnell, and Putin’s Bottom Bitch, aka, Donald Trump, should hold the Republican National Convention at Stone Mountain, in Georgia, although no one wishes Moscow Mitch, or Putin’s Bottom Bitch on the good people of Georgia. It’s a fitting venue for the Grand Ole Party, to honor their superstars of secession: the Confederacy, who fought against America, and for slavery.

Donald would enjoy the cable car ride at Stone Mountain Park, where he may once again, stand on top of something he didn’t build, and take credit for it, while making outlandish statements that will surely miss the mark. There, Donald could look down upon his diminishing flock, whom are the first to mock science, and put the voting rights of Black folks on the chopping block.

Indeed, Moscow Mitch, and Putin’s Bottom Bitch, should hold their Party’s Convention at Stone Mountain, so they may continue the bluster of bigotry they honor. An outdoor location should be part of the plan, for this mask averse klan, who have a penchant for setting flame to tiki torches, and crosses, at their hate filled marches.

While the rest of America is in the midst of a massive shift, as white folks finally seem to see, racism is more than just a rift. Bearing witness to injustice, unapologetic in support of Black Lives Matter, creating an atmosphere of awareness to dismantle white supremacy, as people of all hues demand racial justice in the face of privileged white folks, who are mad as a hatter.

Trump, like another loser, the Confederacy, is fighting a lost battle, a battle to preserve white supremacy. Fighting to preserve the status quo. The fact is, the Trump Administration, and Confederate flags, must go, for Democracy to flow.

Donald will fit right in with President of the Confederate States, Jefferson Finis Davis, and his Confederate commrades, Robert E. Lee, and Stonewall Jackson. Although Donald is not an actual military guy, he would have fought for the slavery industry, wearing an extra long red tie, while promulgating, from a podium about the size of his plantation, to nation.

It would be fitting for the good ‘ole boys of the Grand Ole Party to hold their convention at Stone Mountain – a location for a racist regime to nominate its grand wizard – Donald Trump, who instead of draining the swamp, created more morass, saturated with corruption. Like the Caucasians carved into Stone Mountain, Moscow Mitch, and Putin’s Bottom Bitch, are an example of lionized losers, desperate to hang on to power, because they refuse to acknowledge, Black Lives Matter.

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