Meet the Fuckers

Let’s face it, the Republican Party has devolved rapidly into a Party of fuckers, cowardly hypocrites whom have willfully ignored their oath to America in favor of promoting and protecting Donald Trump. The GOP has failed the American people by supporting conspiracy theories, blocking the peaceful transfer of power, placing America’s national security at risk, endangering the health of American citizens, encouraging white nationalism, and obstructing democracy. To be part of the Republican Party today, is to be party to disinformation, hatred, and contempt for democracy. Facts, fair treatment, and fiduciary responsibility are not elements, “We the people,” need to ask for from the Republican Party, they don’t own these elements. Republicans are not arbiters of justice, they are now the destroyers of democracy. Declaring oneself a member of a political party is a choice, it is a decision to support a political platform, and by extension the Party’s standard bearer. Donald has engorged himself on the Republican Party, extracting money, souls and sanity, leaving the carnage of cowards in his wake. Trumpism is not simply politics about policy, it is a plague of populism threatening democracy with no reasonable end game. When you affiliate yourself with the Republican Party, you are choosing to affiliate yourself with a Party that exalts Donald, instead of democracy. In essence, you are choosing to be a fucker, sans the circle of trust.

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