High Rates of Hypocrisy in GOP

When your standard bearer gleefully speaks about grabbing women by the pussy, refers to African nations as shit holes, and calls Black women animals and monsters, your moral high ground has officially eroded. In spite of this credibility and character deficit handcuffing Republicans, Marco Rubio managed to stand upon his social media soapbox to promulgate faux outrage over Jen O’Malley, Joe Biden’s Deputy Chief of Staff, for utilizing the word fucker. Apparently the GOP doesn’t like colorful people, or colorful language. Let us not forget Rubio is the same guy who was on stage comparing penis size with Donald. Ah yes, Republicans are masters of morality. Pretense in the patriarchy, it’s old, played, and ostentatious, much like the high rates of hypocrisy in the GOP.

Vice President Dick Cheney told Sen. Patrick Leahy, “Go fuck yourself,” on the Senate floor in 2004, without apology or regret.

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