Maserati Manchin Gives Earth the Middle Finger

Surprise, Joe Manchin, the multi millionaire Coal King, refuses to support an economic package to combat climate change. Manchin made the announcement via phone from his Maserati, before retreating to his yacht, named Almost Heaven, due to the the vessel’s lack of baby seal skin wallpaper and floor coverings…otherwise it would be heaven.

Manchin’s decision to give Earth the middle finger will have consequences, as the flora and fauna of the New River Gorge National Park & Preserve in West Virginia, will suffer. West Virginia prides itself on being Almost Heaven, yet Manchin’s environmental decisions will eventually make it Almost Hell…he can’t have it both ways, exalting the beauty of Earth while refusing to take the necessary steps to protect it. Newsflash, West Virginia’s forests, parks and waterfall trails are on the planet Earth and are not immune to the destruction of climate change.

Word on the street is Manchin thinks Earth is acting like an “elite” and needs to be cut down, thus his support of mountaintop removal. Manchin’s votes are ensuring God’s green Earth will no longer be green.

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