Ballots, Bills, and Bullets concern Americans, not Bipartisanship

Dear Joe Manchin,

Most Americans don’t care about bipartisanship. Does the (D) that follows your name stand for delusion or distain? Americans are trying to survive a pandemic, put food on the table, and save our democracy, while having some joy in life. There’s a whole nation outside of West Virginia and Washington, D.C. full of folks whom are trying like hell to preserve this fragile idea of democracy. Americans who are of a different hue than you. Americans who fought for freedom not the filibuster.

Have you forgotten what makes America special is its ability to evolve? To progress and grow beyond the simple to the advanced. Organisms that don’t evolve become extinct. You gotta release relics of regression.

Americans care about

Ballots – being able to vote, pass the For the People Act. Your “bipartisan” buddies are blocking folks from voting, yet won’t take the time to investigate the insurrection that damn near ended our democracy. How can bipartisanship work when the Republican Party has self ejected from reality and are social distancing from fact? Isn’t there a policy not to negotiate with terrorists, especially those of the domestic variety? Thought you believed “mountaineers are always free,” the filibuster does not reflect freedom but rather captivity.

Bills – being able to pay for rent, health care, food, child care, and tuition. EpiPen’s are expensive and Americans are tired of being Martin Shkreli’ed time and time again. Infrastructure means jobs and not having bridges collapse – both are good things. Americans deserve to be paid a living wage instead of living on the financial edge.

Bullets – gun violence must stop, pass gun control laws now. Enough of these weekly mass shootings. No one needs an assault rifle. We want to go to the grocery store, school, and work without fear of being shot. Clean up on aisle 9 should never involve bullets and blood. For fuck’s sake we are lucky to make it out of this pandemic alive. May we at least enjoy an open air concert without being shot at? Enough already. Enough.

And by the way…

Most Americans don’t like grandstanding or ego, whether it comes from West Virginia or Mar-a-Lago, ego only serves the id(iot).

“I’m done with rules that are there just to be rules.” Brad Paisley

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