Kick the Con, and Artist of Artifice to the Curb

Hmm…perhaps the reason Donald Trump, and his so-called conservative Republican Party, are seething about mail in voting, is because Putin can’t manipulate every ballot cast on paper. As Jena Griswold, Colorado Secretary of State, aptly stated on The ReidOut, “Frankly, Russia, and other countries cannot hack a paper ballot, that’s why vote by mail is such a good thing for this country to expand immediately.” Donald is desperate to con the American public into believing voting by mail is the source of voter fraud, which is not true. How curious it is, that the Republican Party, is actively trying to get Kanye West on the ballot, clearly in a desperate desire to draw votes from Biden in key states. Voter suppression, foreign interference, and a frantic last minute ballot candidate, is Donald’s play to stay in power. Just remember, you cannot spell conservative, without con. By the way, approximately 159,000 souls have died in America from COVID-19, Breonna Taylor has still not received justice, and families nationwide are facing evictions. Elections actually have life or death consequences. Kick the con, and his artist of artifice, to the curb. Vote.

con /kän/ verb: persuade someone to do or believe something, typically with use of a deception. noun: an instance of deceiving or tricking someone.

Mental illness deserves care and compassion. We must not attach stigma to anyone, nor enable with an impenetrable shield from accountability.

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