“I’m neither Democrat nor Republican. I’m Methodist. I have grievances with both parties.” Joseph Lowery

‘I’d like a hamburger and a coke, please.’
‘Sir, we don’t serve negroes here.’
‘Ma’am, I don’t eat negroes. I’d like a hamburger and a coke.’ Joseph Lowery

A lifetime of gratitude for Joseph Lowery. He sacrificed so that equality would be more than a platitude.

Written by NamasteNegro.com

Tami Warren is the writer and creator of Namaste Negro. She lives life with daily doses of levity in Denver, Colorado. Tami earned a B.A. in Sociology, from the University of Colorado. Tami keeps it high, in the Mile High City. Humor is healthy so cachinnate. Cultivate compassion, and comedy, we are all connected. Namaste. tamiwarren@namastenegro.com | @namastenegro

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