White Folks, Come Get Your Boy, ‘Individual 1’

“If we had confidence the President clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so.” Robert Mueller

At the risk of retaliation from apoplectic white folks, armed with privilege and the faux cries of “reverse racism,” it has to be stated, the handling of the Trump – Russia catastrophe, is an exceptional illustration of white privilege. Bringing race up, makes (some) people uncomfortable, awkward, or angry, the majority prefer to avoid talking about racism at all. Discussing anything black, is usually limited to coffee. Exploiting race drives Americans apart, Russia knew this and acted on it. People have been charged, arrested, and jailed as a result of the tireless work done in the Mueller investigation. Except for Trump, because he is President. However, would a Black man (or woman of any hue), President or not, be allowed to dismantle Democracy, receive election aid from Russians, and accrue covert cover, urbane excuses and obscure reasons for release from accountability, while the white referees in charge, quibble? Does Donald Trump need to wear a tan suit to draw condemnation? This is another clear example of the racial disparities, built into the justice system in America, an example of the rule of law dispensed based upon what is white instead of what it right. What Trump and his accomplices are doing in, and out of the White House, places Democracy in bona fide peril. Russia attacked America to ensure the election of Donald Trump. Full stop. Yet, a predominately white Republican power structure, has bathed in pseudo intellectual rationalization, parsing the law, enabling and excusing the actions of the Party’s standard bearer. White folks need to get their boy, Trump, a.k.a. Individual 1. We cannot allow Trump to act as both thief and detective, as Trump is clearly involved with illegalities and Russia obviously played a pronounced role, in achieving Putin’s goal, of electing Donald Trump.

There would be no effort to palliate if Trump were Black, not orange, rather actually a Black American, and white people, if open to examine their repressed apathy towards racism, know this. Away from cameras, and pressure from pallid peers, white people (not all, but some) know how differently they would color this historic matter, if Trump were colored, the reprehensible description assigned to African Americans, in the not so long ago time of Jim Crow. The good ole days, run by good ole boys, whom are still here, cheering and shielding their Grand Ole Party. Donald Trump, the white man born into the comforts of wealth and whiteness, who has spent the majority of his life suing his way out of trouble, and abusing litigation to evade accountability, is the Grand Wizard of the Grand Old Party now. As Dr. Phil would say, “The best predictor of future behavior is relevant past behavior.” Donald Trump’s past behavior is clear, and he continues to wield fear, hustle people with lies, force his autocratic demands, ego, and volatile behavior, with public humiliation, constant legal pressure and the threat of being on the receiving end of a temper tantrum. Donald Trump needs an intervention, a sit down session with Dr. Phil, who unlike the other wealthy white guys, won’t fall for Trump’s tactics and traps of manipulation. Stage the intervention now, humanity cannot withstand much more. Separate Trump from his enablers, engage rigorous honesty and hold him accountable.

Russia attacked American Democracy to aid in the election of current President Donald Trump. No solid, urgent, quantifiable actions to protect American elections, have been firmly issued by Trump. Take a moment to think about the response for a Black person, purported to have engaged in any alleged infraction. The response would be swift and immediate from law enforcement, with a high likelihood of the Black person, being beaten or killed in the process. White privilege, like Trump, has gone unchecked for so long, that we have reached the point, in having an American President, who is literally dismantling Democracy, and providing safe harbor for Russia, autocracy, racism and xenophobia. We are all connected, all with a purpose and place on the planet. Does racism trump Russia? Is there a back channel between the GRU and GOP? Why are white Republicans, who profess their patriotism, so fearful of Putin and Trump? Perhaps Republican loyalty to Trump has no boundary, as Donald Trump said, “I have the most loyal people. Did you ever see that? Where I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose any voters, okay. It’s like incredible.” To look at the state of affairs now, the current President is not only above the law, the law is being forced to dissipate, with Democracy evanescing before us.

“I’m one of those that believes you can’t be one kind of a man and another kind of president.”
Dr. Phil McGraw

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