“I ask you to judge my father by his results.” Ivanka Trump

Sure Ivanka, here are your father’s results:

288,583 people have died from COVID-19

15,205,677 cases of COVID-19

No national COVID-19 plan

628 children forcefully separated from their parents at the US-Mexico border are still not reunited

A record number of Cabinet and campaign members convicted and/or indicted

1 term “served” as President

Your father sure has dug in on dividing Americans, exploiting racial inequities, widening economic disparities, encouraging violence, teeing off on the tax payers dime, cheating, lying, whining, and pissing on democracy, to judge a few of his results.

As Donald’s “advisor,” please advise him to cooperate with the incoming Biden-Harris Administration on public health data, it is vital in saving lives. You might also want to “advise” him on the election results, he lost.

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