Finally, A Sane Judge During A Senate Confirmation Hearing Who Didn’t Cry About Calendars

Long ago, when the country was controlled by the nefarious Agent Orange, America attempted to conduct a US Senate confirmation hearing to determine if beer loving Brett Kavanaugh had the temperament and judgement to hold a lifetime position on the US Supreme Court. It was a job interview for the ages – Kavanaigh screamed and yelled about calendars, yearbooks, and of course, beer. Only a privileged white guy could show up to a job interview angry and emotionally unhinged, scream at the people interviewing him, and still get the job. Not to mention the credible accusation against him regarding sexual assault. Only a privileged white guy could yell and cry about Clinton conspiracies, calendars, political hits jobs, people who don’t like Trump, and left wing secret plots to destroy him during a job interview, and still get the job. Makes you wonder why Neera Tanden‘s nomination for a job is in jeopardy because of mean Tweets.

It was refreshing to see Merrick Garland, a sane person, communicate with calm while referencing facts, instead of conspiracy. No screaming about beer or calendars. No yelling about conspiracy or fantastical plots. Just a reasonable person, conducting himself professionally at a job interview. Ah…what a relief to see a judge with judgement.

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