Donald Trump Indicted for Violation of the Espionage Act

Well, it took white folks long enough…

Donald is continuing the Trump family namesake with indictments of his own. Donald Trump was indicted on seven counts, one of which is violation of the Espionage Act. Talk about a family of fraud with a lineage of lies, Donald lied and tried to take over democracy to stay in power.

Oh, how delicate Donald has been treated by detectives for justice and defenders of democracy – his privilege and pompous personality providing him protection…until now, or at least it seems.

Since Donald debated about his hand size and crowd size, an array of Caucasian columnists placed themselves in a conundrum, fretting over how to cover a “President” Donald Trump…they appeared fraught with fear to hold his feet to the fire, scared to come straight out and call him a liar.

Fooled by his well coifed family of aides and abetters, Donald’s followers were granted open space to galavant grievance and hurl hate, all under the stolen slogan: to make America great.

Donald called our troops losers and suckers, exchanged love letters with Kim, and thinks Putin is a savvy, smart fucker.

The Republican Party standard bearer literally tried to violently take democracy, like it was his to destroy and dismantle…his to take, sell off, and do away with. Whether it’s someone’s dignity, democracy or documents, Donald has always taken what he wants.

Donald Trump’s indictments are not surprising, we clocked this guy a while back…we saw his corrupt, crazy, bullshit on the horizon. True facts.

“I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts.” Abraham Lincoln