Huge Hands

Huge Hands

Biden couldn’t grab as many classified documents as me because I’ve got huge hands.

I’ve got the hugest hands of any President in US history, probably the world so they say.

Sleepy Joe only grabbed 20 documents.

Sad. He only got 20 classified documents.

I grabbed huge boxes of classified documents all by myself with my huge hands.

He lost, I won. I grabbed more documents.

Count the documents, I grabbed more!

Stop the steal! I got more classified documents.

When you’re famous like me they let you grab ‘em. They let you get away with it.

When I see classified documents to share with Putin, I just can’t help myself. I just have to grab ‘em.

I took all the classified documents I wanted with my huge hands.

They tried for over a year to get them back but, I stalled. The more time I wasted, the more money I made.

I got a great deal for ‘em too.

No President in history made the kind of deals I made.

And I did it all with my huge hands.

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