Blackjack Games In Vegas Are More Secure Than American Elections

Think about it, 50 states were hacked by the Russians. Putin openly pronounced he wanted Trump to win. The Mueller report illustrated undeniable Russian interference in the election, it’s literally in the title of the report. Now take a moment, imagine if you went to Las Vegas, and the blackjack games were hacked in every casino, by Russians, ensuring one player won. The outrage would be palpable, and the response to prevent future blackjack hacking, swift and decisive. Moscow Mules, along with Moscow Mitch would be banned from the Vegas Strip. If only the accuracy of our elections were valued, with the same reverence as a Vegas game of blackjack.

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Tami Warren is the writer and creator of Namaste Negro. She lives life with daily doses of humor in Denver, Colorado. Tami earned a B.A. in Sociology, from the University of Colorado. Tami keeps it high, in the Mile High City. Humor is healthy, so cachinnate. Compassion and comedy are not required, but they are extremely helpful. We are all connected on this planet. So, we may as well greet each other and say, Namaste. Hate is heavy, be light.

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