“Birmingham in 1963, they [the] Klansmen, they beat the freedom riders at the bus station, they killed the four little girls at the Birmingham church, they turned fire hoses on the marchers. Which side are you on, Bull Connor’s side, the police commissioner? Or are you on the side of the people just trying to vote, or sit at the lunch counter? Which side are you on? You’ve got to pick a side, and we’re there now, we’re there today. There’s no choice, you’ve got to pick a side. And if you pick silence, we know what side you are on.” Jim Cavanaugh, Retired ATF Specialist

White supremacy has ascended. Jim Cavanaugh commented on MTP Daily, “We are worse in the murders of minority citizens than we were in the 60’s. We are at a very bad place, white supremacy has ascended,” Cavanaugh went on to say, “but they get away with the violence, because of the silence.”

White people everywhere, Republicans currently in office, stop being silent.

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