And so it begins…again

Like an outdated reality show re-run, Donald Trump began the Republican National Convention with the same fear, lies, and self aggrandized highs, displayed in his previous Presidential run. Donald maundered, stumbling into topics that ranged from, fallacious claims of President Barack Obama spying on him, to the sensationalist falsehood of America being socialist. Donning his typical camera ready face, consisting of orange pan cake bronzer, a hair color concoction of, Just For Men in sandy blonde, and Dictator Tresses in marigold, Donald stepped to the podium in North Carolina – spitting words like rusty nails into a depleted cult of followers ready to enthusiastically catch, and kiss Trump TetAnus, proving not only cult loyalty, but pleasing their dear leader.

Republicans require no new platform for 2020…Donald Trump First will do. Apparently the Putin Platform, to weaken and destroy America, is fine with the majority silent “silent majority” Republicans, as the Russian bounty, is not only on American troops overseas, the bounty is on American People at home. Poisoned by piety, pretension, and power, the G(R)O(U)P, a combination of the GRU and GOP, have punked those in their Party into calcifying corruption, fortifying fear, and reinforcing racism, by Republican standard bearer, Donald Trump, who is formalizing the transformation of the Republican Party Platform, into the Republican Party Plantation, dominated by, Confederate loving, corruption abiding, cult of Trump members. Contrary to G(R)O(U)P demands, Trump First, may soon refer to the first “Trump” to be indicted.

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