All About Elon

The dust has settled and the elation has subsided since President Biden’s felicitous State of the Union address. President Biden was at his best as a statesman and quintessential grandfather, sharing sage advice about the nation. Never stoic, instead strong and serious as he talked about the senseless war in Ukraine, started by Putin, delivering consequences for the unprovoked attack. President Biden even gave a shout out to retiring Justice Breyer, reminiscing about how they used to have horse and buggy races before invention of the automobile came along.

President Biden’s State of the Union address was all so very presidential, sane, and conventional, that I almost forgot it was taking place upon the same grounds stormed by white supremacists, with the intention of preventing Biden from becoming President. Oh, if those walls could talk – they would echo past presidential proclamations, the designs of democracy’s aim, and the horrific howls of hate from the January 6 insurrection still reverberating. The sanctified space was stained once more by Republicans with enmity and hostility, while President Biden spoke with sincerity about his son, Beau, and the cancer that took his life. In that moment, sanity was paused to display the abnormality of the Republican Party’s loss of humanity. Albeit no surprise that members of the Grand Old Party would show its gratuitous old ass.

However, it wasn’t just members of the Republican Party who expressed rancor with President Biden, billionaire and one time Saturday Night Live host, Elon Musk, made his resentment for not being mentioned in the State of the Union, known. Elon, owner of the Tesla factories that buoyed bigotry by permitting the discrimination of Black employees, who were called nigger and told to go back to Africa. The no vacation guy who ensures his factories run how he wants them to run, took a vacation from valuing the dignity of Black people working for Tesla. But hey, don’t hate the car, hate the Caucasian that allowed that bigoted bullshit to take hold in the first place. Wait a minute, don’t hate at all – hate is heavy.

Needless to say, Elon was one singed snowflake because he was not mentioned in President Biden’s address, the CEO of caprice was in a frenzy because he was not featured by the leader of the free world. Looks like Elon does want to be involved in politics after all – especially in the humble brag kind of way. Elon’s comments are bountiful on a variety of subjects when it comes to politics, let’s hope he eventually speaks out on the bounty hunter law Texas implemented on women making private health care decisions, now that Texas is home to Tesla.

Word on the street is, much to Governor Abbott’s delight, Elon not only supports the bounty hunter law, he supports big oil and no longer believes in solar power or electric cars, and will invest in Abbott’s oil push, with a new company motto, Tesla Runs on Texas Tea. Has Elon become Abbott’s golden boy? Liquid gold that is. We shall see.

“Constantly seek criticism. A well thought out critique of what you’re doing is as valuable as gold.” Elon Musk

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