A Hot Mess

A Trump administration report on climate change reflects what President Trump refuses to acknowledge, the planet is a hot mess. Climate change is real and having a tangible impact on human health and the economic well being of everyone on the planet. Perhaps the greedy GOP will take note of the real impact on GDP and take action to avert exacerbating the burden on the planet. There are dire consequences in continuing the denial of science.

It does appear that Republicans are largely old white men, selfishly ignoring facts for the immediate gratification of short-term financial gain. Although no one is promised tomorrow, it seems the old Republican guard currently in charge are ordering for the table, though they won’t be around to eat the meal, a sentiment expressed by Parkland students in discussions regarding gun legislation. The reality show President needs to pay attention to more than just ratings, otherwise central casting will replace him with someone capable of carrying the lead.

Global warming is not a hoax as a few want to believe, nor is global warming God as others may believe, “And I believe it’s just God hugging us closer,” as Tina Fey said while depicting Sarah Palin along side Amy Poehler (as Hillary Clinton) in a Saturday Night Live sketch that aired September 13, 2008, addressing sexism in the 2008 election – it is still relevant, funny doesn’t expire. American values must include more than just Jesus, American values have to include science.

American Values:






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