You’re on to something, Justice Sam Alito, you don’t see lots of Black kids in Ku Klux Klan robes

Justice Sam Alito, brought the house down with this one: you don’t see lots of Black kids in Ku Klux Klan robes…that is, unless Kanye has started a new cult school church campaign. Supreme Court Jester Justice Alito made his joke while hearing a case about a person in Colorado who believes her personal comfort, artistry, and preference of belief, should be honored above all things, even democracy. As oral arguments proceeded, Alito and Brett Kavanaugh chugged beers and reminisced about Ashley Madison, a woman they both knew. With his calendar in hand, Kavanaugh sited the exact days he knew Ashley Madison. Alito did not know the exact days he knew Ashley Madison but, he knew it was around Christmas, because he remembered seeing a Black Santa.

Justice Amy Coney Barrett oddly interjected that she was not Eve, and would not eat from the tree of knowledge. Amy rambled on, calling Ashley Madison a slut who used abortion as birth control. Justice Clarence Thomas appealed to Amy to please see the good in Ashley Madison, because that’s who introduced him to his wife, Ginni.

Listening to the justices on the Supreme Court, reminds one of the importance of term limits. Lifetime appointments are regressive…just like the GOP, the grand ole’ originalist party. Although, it is very peculiar how originalists refuse to account for America’s original sin.

Justice Neil Gorsuch, Colorado resident, Trump appointee, and reeducation aficionado, offered that Black kids in Ku Klux Klan robes are good for the America First Assimilation Project, an originalist think tank dedicated to controlling the narrative on slavery and US history. We’ve got to stop the reeducation of America, argued Gorsuch. No one should be forced to bake woke wedding cake or make woke websites.

Another day of pride for the US Supreme Court.

The illegal we do immediately, the
unconstitutional takes a little longer.

Henry Kissinger
August 29, 1967

Oh, Republican Supreme Court Justices, the American people hear what y’all are saying and we call b.s.

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