You Must Read George Orwell’s “Notes on Nationalism”

The current American President stated he is a “nationalist” standing in alignment with nationalism. White nationalists are being normalized with this modern day Presidential endorsement.

Read George Orwell‘s essay, Notes on Nationalism, (Polemic) published in 1945.

Don’t get it twisted, nationalism is not patriotism – George Orwell was right.


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Tami Warren is the writer and creator of Namaste Negro. She lives life with daily doses of humor in Denver, Colorado. Tami earned a B.A. in Sociology, from the University of Colorado. Tami keeps it high, in the Mile High City. Humor is healthy, so cachinnate. Compassion and comedy are not required, but they are extremely helpful. We are all connected on this planet. So, we may as well greet each other and say, Namaste. Hate is heavy, be light.

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