“You are a very difficult woman!”

Florida doesn’t want to, “get to know you.” Under Republican rule, Florida doesn’t want to know, anything. It may seem strange to refer to what some people consider a racially problematic musical like, The King and I, when talking about Republicans and their refusal to teach history. However, The King and I strikes a pitch perfect cord when talking about Republicans and the Party’s desire to regress back to the 1950’s when life was good…for straight, white, men…and of course the white women who bolstered and benefited from the bliss of bigotry they created.

Word on the street is, after watching this scene from, The King and I, at a Trump/McCarthy watch party, Republicans couldn’t decide what to do first, arrest the teacher for violating “America First” theology, or ship the kids via bus to Vice President Kamala Harris.

“Sometimes things can’t be just a question of what we want, Your Highness, but what is right.” Deborah Kerr, as Anna Leonowens in Rodgers and Hammerstein’s, The King and I.

WTF Republicans:

Republicans want to ask high school girls about their periods.

Republicans don’t want to teach US history that has anything to do with slavery.

Republicans don’t say gay, but they are A-Okay with AR15’s.

Republicans don’t want to get to know you…they want to control you.

Americans have gotten to know the Republican Party, and the majority of Americans simply don’t want Republicans in charge, as they tend to act like kings.