Run. Hide. Fight.

Run. Hide. Fight…Repeat.

This has been painfully said before and must be said again…on repeat.

Students at Michigan State University were told to run, hide and fight, during a shooting rampage in which three college students were killed by an act of gun violence.

Run. Hide. Fight. Refers to instructions during the event of an active shooter: Run away from the shooter. Hide if there is no place to run. Fight if there is no where to run or hide.

We need to fight for strict nationwide gun safety laws. We can’t run from the fact that gun violence is the number one cause of death for America’s kids, and there is nowhere to hide from data that guns don’t make society safer.

Gun violence will keep happening unless laws are changed and enforced. From Buffalo to Boulder, and from Monterey Park to Michigan, gun violence is allowed to repeat. We can’t keep doing this America. Vote for representatives who will demand gun law reform and enforce the law. Our kids shouldn’t have to run, hide, and fight the gun lobby.