Will America Create a Dictionary of American Slave Traders?

When will America take responsibility and face its history of slavery, address the trauma caused by slavery, acknowledge and apologize for slavery, teach facts about slavery in schools, and make reparations for slavery?

Britain is creating a reference book entitled, The Dictionary of British Slave Traders, scheduled to be published in 2024, detailing the names of people, investors, and corporations who invested in Britain’s slave trade. The Dictionary of British Slave Traders, will cover over two centuries, and list 6,500 people from a variety of social classes. Long over due, The Dictionary of British Slave Traders, is at least a step toward progress.

America is still dragging its feet on removing Confederate flags, statues, names, and fully accepting the devastating impact of systematic racism in this country. Perhaps America will one day create a Dictionary of American Slave Traders, it would be a who’s who of white people and companies, who kidnapped, killed, and profited by pulling themselves up by their boot straps putting their boots on the necks of Black and Native people to build the American dream.

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