Who’s Afraid of Elizabeth Warren? Every Wolf on Wall Street

The wolves on Wall Street are scared of Little Blue Riding Hood. Elizabeth Warren is striking fear into the fat cats, whom are extremely territorial about keeping their tilted economic structure gained through gluttony, and a ravenous appetite for power, intact. An economic structure, which has benefited the very wealthy for a very long time. Warren seems unflinching, starring down financial forces determined to run rough shot over the US economy, and yes, she has a plan for how to do it, economic patriotism. This has some billionaires balking at Warren’s plans, because the last thing the wealthy want, is for anyone else who is not them, uniting for a common cause. Monetary morality matters, the majority of Americans are no longer salivating at the illusionary carrot dangled before them, with the false promise, that one day, they may become a billionaire too.

Uniting people with equal political and economic power is not a new idea, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., built a platform in 1967 called, The Poor People’s Campaign, urging the US government to pass an Economic Bill of Rights. Powerful wealthy white people do not want middle class, working class and poor white people to realize they actually have more in common with Black and brown people. Divide and conquer is an old adage and it’s played out, the majority of people agree on more than they disagree, the commonality of humanity creates unity. Neither the rich nor the religious, own a key to morality, the anesthesia has worn off, Americans have come to, the artificially induced state of simply accepting the status quo is over. If the powerful and wealthy actually sat with people, instead of standing on top of them, they would realize this.

Dr. Ralph Abernathy said the Poor People’s Campaign was a platform that would: “dramatize the plight of America’s poor of all races and make very clear that they are sick and tired of waiting for a better life.”



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