White Man’s Wreckage

Only a white man, a rich white man, would ever be provided the latitude to get away with trashing democracy, and the American people as Donald Trump is doing. Republicans are accepting an absolute abdication of duty from their standard bearer of bushwa. While Americans are dying in record numbers from coronavirus, lining up at food banks, and facing eviction, Donald is behaving worse than Nino Brown on steroids, destroying all he touches, taking out Gee Money, and blaming it all on Kareem Akbar. At least Nino Brown handed out turkeys during the holidays, Donald is refusing COVID relief in the midst of the holiday season.

Of course, Nino Brown was not President of the United States, or white. Hell, he’s not even a real person, he’s fictional mob boss, yet like Nino Brown, Donald will drag down everyone with him. However, Donald has the coveted Caucasian card, which is never revoked, has no limit, boasts 0% interest, and is accepted by all branches of government. There is no way in hell any person who was not white, or male, or Republican, or rich would ever be able to violate Americans the way Donald has, and continues to do. But hey, when you are white, they just let you do it.

Not only are we being forced to endure this white man’s wreckage, we are the wreckage. Americans are the destroyed and damaged remains of Donald’s Presidency, the debris broken into pieces by a deadly virus which was allowed to ravage the nation. Donald’s human enemas, also known as the Republican Party, are protecting Donald’s feelings and fragile ego at the expense of the American people. These clyster Caucasians are providing cover and support for Donald’s sabotage of the American people. In Donald’s egomaniacal world of one, vandalizing the Biden-Harris victory, is paramount – he will not admit loss or concede anything. There is no threshold he will not exceed, or line he will not cross in order to vitiate America before Joe Biden is sworn in.

Donald will leave the nation dilapidated, like one of his derelict buildings, neglected and in poor condition. Yet, none of this white man’s wreckage would have been possible without the Republican Party, whom have made Donald’s actions attainable. Republicans are not the cavalry, they are the connivers, glossing over the impact of the damage, and turning a blind eye to the human debris across the nation. Donald is the wrecking ball, and each Republican is a link in the chain that allows him the ability to swing from mood to mood, demolishing America. Republicans fail to fully acknowledge that Donald is bulldozing the Republican Party to rebuild it in his image. Donald has forced the Republican Party to implode, with a cannibalistic GOP feeding on each other at a tyrannical table of antidemocratic ideas as they eat a fascist feast. While Donald and his remodeled Republican Party consume a buffet of bushwa, the rest of America is uniting. We are in this together. America, we must keep our heads on a swivel. We beat Donald at the ballot box, now we must stay aware, and not allow his “Republican” cult of conspiracy to deracinate democracy.

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